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Co-founders of the Kolisi Foundation, Siya and Rachel Kolisi, are the Executive Producers of a new short film entitled #WeAreDyingHere.

#WeAreDyingHere chronicles the journey of three soldiers forced to survive a war that they did not choose. In this war against women’s bodies, they attempt to find solace by telling their stories under the constant watch of a relentless enemy. #WeAreDyingHere is an intimate reflection on the impact of violence, harassment, abuse, rape and femicide on everyday life. While the film never depicts any violence, the psychological and emotional trauma on these soldiers is evident. It is a necessary insight into the experience of living in South Africa where names of missing or murdered women trend frequently.

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As a foundation, we are committed to serving and listening alongside those who have been doing incredible work addressing Gender-Based Violence in South Africa. During Women’s Month, we listened to women’s rights practitioners involved in gender-based violence work to see what we could do practically to support women. The most common response from survivors of gender-based violence was “I wish I was able to at least protect myself at that time.”

With the help of trusted NPOs and community organisations, we were able to source and compile our Power2You Packs to give to women in a bid to put power into their hands. Power2You packs include pepper-spray, a whistle, and a journal with resourceful information about seeking justice, legal help, and healing.

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Lungi has been feeding children in Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Joe Slovo. Every day, 700 children come to Lungi’s Kitchen. Her incredible team of volunteers get up at 5am each morning to start cooking. For many of the children who come to Lungi’s Kitchen, this is the only meal they get each day.

Inspired by Lungi’s dedication, The Kolisi Foundation partnered with Lungi. Together we have doubled the number of children being served each day. We have helped Lungi grow her organization and are currently working on her a website, and empowering her by upskilling her admin management skills. We are committed to help Lungi continue to grow her community projects.

Grace is an amazing woman that helps abused women and looks after neglected children from the community. Besides providing them with a home she also feeds the children in the community with two meals daily. The Grace for Grace project is supported on a Back-a-buddy donation system of which the Kolisi Foundation stewards the funds and navigate it to ensure Grace can continues the good work in her community.


Siya’s partnership with Freedom of Movement gave birth to the Mbekweni project. The project, which was started in 2019 dedicated a portion of the profits from the “Green Kolisi Vellie” shoes towards the Mbekweni project.  Each pair sold contributes towards the levelling and grassing of the Mbekweni Youth Centre’s rugby field this initiative will offer the youth of surrounding communities a safe place to nurture their talents and empower themselves through physical activity.

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