You may contact the Kolisi Foundation via email at Please note that our team is inundated with requests and will respond as soon as possible.

Kindly note no personal requests for Rachel and Siya are taken via the Kolisi Foundation platform. You are welcome to connect with their teams via email: Siya: and Rachel:


The Foundation’s focus is on three integrated strategic areas:

  • Food Security
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Education and Sport

We unite organisations to mobilise resources and strengthen infrastructure and learning. To help communities thrive, we aim to bring about systemic change by creating safe spaces through sport and education, addressing gender-based violence, and contributing to food sustainability. We do so by partnering with organisations with a pre-existing footprint in our geographic focus areas: Cape Town and Gqeberha.

For more information about project specifics, go to our active projects page or completed projects page.

We wish we could support all the requests we receive. However, we are currently at capacity supporting organisations and programmes within our integrated focus areas of Food Security, Gender-based Violence and Education and Sport.

Should funding applications commence, we will be sure to announce it on our website and across our social media channels.

Thank you for expressing your interest in joining our mission. At this time, we do not have a volunteer programme in place. We appreciate your interest in participating in our vision to change the stories of inequality. We encourage you to look for communities doing similar work in your neighbourhood, and joining hands with them!

We believe in the power of collaboration. For partnership inquiries, we ask that you kindly send your proposals to the Kolisi Foundation Partnerships & Resources Manager, Lauren Budde via email at

As an NPO dependent on donations, we greatly appreciate your interest in assisting us! Please visit our donations page on our website to see how you can donate to our mission. Additionally, we are a registered Public Benefit Organisation and can issue donors with Section 18A Tax Certificates. If you require a certificate, please get in touch with us at

Currently, we have no positions available at the Kolisi Foundation. W recommend you visit the website  or which will provide you with various job opportunities.

As much as our heart is to reach everyone, the need is great, and the resources are limited. We have received many requests for food support over the past few months, which speaks to South Africans’ challenges. We acknowledge the pressure our country’s economy has added to communities, which is heavy on our hearts. Unfortunately, we have stopped sending vouchers to individuals due to funding and sustainability constraints.

The Kolisi Foundation does not offer bursaries or scholarships.  We are sending you strength and wish you all of the best as you pursue your studies.

Please provide as much information as possible about your request to help us determine the best person to follow up on it to the Kolisi Foundation team via email at

You are welcome to connect with Siya and Rachel directly via their social pages or email.



The Kolisi Foundation is not owned by anyone but was founded by Rachel and Siya Kolisi. The Foundation has a board of directors who provide strategic direction to the organisation and fiscal oversight. You can learn more about our Board here.

In 2022, Rachel Kolisi was appointed CEO of the Kolisi Foundation. For more information on her appointment, please see the press release here.

Please contact our Partnerships and Resources Manager, Lauren Budde via email at

Food security refers to the situation where individuals within an area have the means to obtain an adequate, wholesome, and safe food supply that meets their dietary requirements. Food security refers to food availability and individuals’ ability to access it. Food security is one of the Kolisi Foundations’ three integrated focus areas.

To support our commitment to addressing food security within our geographic focus areas, we partner with organizations with a pre-existing footprint in our geographic focus areas of Cape Town and Gqebera.

Watch this video to learn more about how we work with community kitchens and our holistic approach to fighting hunger.

Our Education and Sport program, The Zwide ‘Siyaphakama’ Schools Project, is the Kolisi Foundation’s inaugural Education and Sports Development project. The project, named for Siya Kolisi and his mother, Phakama, ‘Siyaphakama’ – meaning We Are Rising – seeks to address the multitude of challenges facing township youth by creating a tailor-made program to address physical education, malnutrition, academic education, life skills, and youth employment to help children and youth exit the poverty cycle and become active, positive contributors to society.

Education and Sport Projects & Initiatives:

  • Infrastructure (Sports Fields & Courts)
  • Job Opportunities (12 Sports Interns/Coaches)
  • Sport Kit and Equipment Distribution
  • Physical Education Programming
  • Nutritional Program
  • Literacy
  • Capacity Building and Skills Development

Siya is committed to championing girls and women in sports, and the Kolisi Foundation aims to empower the next generation of young sports players, including young women. Siyaphakama is a co-ed programme and commits to changing the narrative of gender inequality in sports. Watch this video to learn more about this incredible project.

The Kolisi Foundation is committed to serving alongside established partners, chosen for their documented work and track records within the GBV field, striving to change the narrative of gender-based violence in South Africa. The Kolisi Foundation has several projects and initiatives to address GBV, including:

  • Kolisi Connect: We strengthen a network of organizations working across our three integrated focus areas through capacity building, monthly engagements, and knowledge and information sharing.
  • Power2You Packs: We provide resources to empower women, including pepper spray, whistle, and journal with resourceful information about seeking justice, legal help, and healing, and an emergency size wallet card with GBV helpline and contact information. These packs are utilized within GBV workshops.
  • Strengthen preventative initiatives: We support first responder and counseling services, aiding GBV prevention and response, through funding a 24/7 trauma response helpline and social worker services at GBV organizations. With our partners, we also conceptualize holistic community-based responses to GBV.
  • Engage men and boys’ programs: We engage young men and boys in conversation through public platforms and public awareness campaigns. We also support psychosocial initiatives which work with boys and men to become protectors, not perpetrators.

Watch this video to learn more about how the Kolisi Foundation is changing the narrative of gender-based violence in South Africa.

Yes! We are proud to say that we are a registered Public Benefit Organisation and can issue eligible donors with Section 18A Tax Certificates. If you require a certificate, please get in touch with us at

We love it when individuals and companies advocate for and fundraise on behalf of the Kolisi Foundation. We are committed to being responsible for our vision and ensuring that fundraisers communicate truthfully about our programmes. We are also committed to financial honesty and transparency. For this reason, it’s important to us that all affiliated fundraisers or crowdfunding go through our fundraising channels. To set up a fundraising campaign for the Kolisi Foundation, please [insert appropriate channel]. [PS If you are fundraising using our name without our knowledge, we will be obliged to pursue legal action.]

With regards to fundraisers, to stay true to our audience and be able to advocate for where the money and items are going, we only share fundraisers of any sort which are confidently and truthfully in line with our programmes and that we, as a foundation, are directly involved with. This allows us to account for finances and honestly report the usage of the funds.

As an NPO, we aim to stray true to our vision and mission as to what we post on our organisational platform. From a foundation side, we advocate for integrated strategic areas on our platforms: food security, Education and Sport, and programmes against gender-based violence.

The core Foundation team is based in Cape Town, which is where our main offices are. Some of our team members work across South Africa.

You are more than welcome to leave a gift for the Foundation, and we thank you for your generosity and commitment to our mission. To do so, you must list the Kolisi Foundation in your will and use the correct name (Kolisi Foundation NPC). We do also recommend that you consult with other relevant people involved with your estate, such as an attorney, to ensure that your bequest is properly worded and reflects your wishes.

Kolisi Connect is specifically tailored to support our programmatic partners. Unfortunately, it’s not open to external organizations or individuals.