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At a national level, South Africa is food secure – meaning that the country produces enough safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for its people. At a household level, though, South Africa is food insecure – meaning people do not have sufficient and equal access to nutritious food. High levels of unemployment, generational poverty and increasing food prices all influence access to food.

Our food security goals include improving access to safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to improve nutrition and physical health in children, and increasing the nutritional value and stabilising the provision of meals in communities in which we work.



Gender-based violence (GBV), disproportionately affects women and girls and is a profound and widespread problem in South Africa, impacting almost every aspect of life. The Kolisi Foundation is committed to serving alongside established partners, chosen for their documented work and track records within the GBV field, striving to change the story of GBV in South Africa.

Our gender-based violence goals include ensuring children, youth and women affected by gender-based violence are thriving through increased access to support, opportunities, and a sense of safety, facilitated by strengthened organisations with necessary resources.



The Siyaphakama Zwide Schools Project is the Kolisi Foundation’s inaugural Education and Sport project. The project, named for Siya Kolisi and his mother, Phakama, ‘Siyaphakama’ – meaning We Are Rising – seeks to address the multitude of challenges facing township youth by creating a tailor-made programme to address physical education, malnutrition, academic education, life skills and youth employment.

Our education and sport goals include helping develop healthy, active, emotionally and academically stronger children while contributing to the communities in which they live.