Donate your birthday with a unique fundraiser

Donate your birthday by creating a fundraiser for the Kolisi Foundation. It is a unique opportunity to bring people together for a common goal. What better way to unite people than with a birthday?

Instead of receiving gifts on your birthday, choose to raise money for a cause instead. It’s super simple yet deeply impactful. The fundraisers are hosted on the Kolisi Foundation Back-a-Buddy page and are easy to manage and track donations.

Step 1:
Create your ‘Birthday Fundraiser’ by completing the online form. You can customise your fundraiser targets, image and message.

*Follow the link to create your unique fundraiser –

Step 2:
Use the link to share it with your friends/family via WhatsApp, email or social media to donate to your fundraiser online.

If you have any questions or want to create a unique online fundraiser for the Kolisi Foundation, contact the team via email at Thank you for choosing to be the ONE who celebrates differently.