Heritage Month 2020 – Past, Present & Future

Photo Credit: Chris Joubert, Black Bean Productions

Heritage Month is a beautiful opportunity for us to celebrate the rich diversity of culture, language, art and food that makes up our country. It is also a moment to pause and remember our rich heritage of struggle and think about what is still needed to redress past injustice. Finally, it is a moment for us to look to the future and imagine how we can build a flourishing nation.

During Heritage Month we ask ourselves:

What legacy was written in the footprints of yesterday?

What imprint are our footsteps leaving on this world today?

Where are our footsteps leading us tomorrow?

We have received a rich heritage from the generations who have come before us; let us leave a deep legacy for the generations that come after us. This Heritage Month, take the opportunity to learn about and remember our past, appreciate the beauty and richness of our present, and anticipate the great potential of our future.

Here are some things you can do to grow your understanding of and appreciation for our heritage:

  1. Sign up for a language course.
  2. Explore some music from another era of our history.
  3. Visit one of our incredible museums or heritage sites.
  4. Visit a gallery or the theatre and discover the power of art.
  5. Ask an elderly person to tell you a story about their family and community when they were growing up.
  6. Watch an historical film about a period in our country that you know little about.
  7. Look through a photo album with a younger member of your family and tell them stories that begin with “When I was young…”
  8. Read a book by a South African author who comes from a different culture, race or background than you.

Click HERE to watch our Heritage Month clip