Hope and Community – Lungi & Joanie’s Kitchen

The Kolisi Foundation was founded by South Africa’s Rugby World Cup-winning Captain Siya Kolisi and his wife Rachel Kolisi. The need in South Africa escalated with the spreading of COVID-19 and has fast-tracked the launch of the foundation, to help the country during the pandemic.

The Kolisi Foundation received a video from Joanie Fredericks & Lungisa Hazel requesting help. They are feeding many people in their separate communities but running out on of supplies on a daily basis as they don’t have anything sustainable.

Through an interview 16 April 2020 on Heart FM with Ryan O’Connor, Rachel Kolisi highlighted the need: “These two ladies have been cooking from their homes to feed 100’s of children, elders and disabled people long before the lockdown even started.” Therefore the Kolisi Foundation made it their mission to find a way to help these remarkable women.

After the interview with Rachel, Food Lover’s Market reached out to Heart FM offering their support. They have committed to help the Kolisi Foundation feed over 1000 people for 2 months.

“I have a desperate desire to see all South Africans afforded an equal opportunity. Being in different communities really opens my eyes and puts things into perspective for me every time. And honestly if people are going to bed hungry we have a lot of work to do. Having food in your fridge or what in your taps should not be considered a privilege for anyone, it should be a constant.” – Rachel Kolisi

On 23 April, with the help of Food Lovers’ Market, the Kolisi Foundation had the privilege to deliver the first fright of food to these ladies. This weekly food delivery (for the next two months) includes meat, non-perishable items, starch and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The first food-drop was for Lungi. She is up every morning at 5am to start preparing food for 100’s of people in Joe Slovo and Gugelethu. Our 2nd drop was in Tafelsig with Joanie Fredericks who also feeds 100’s on a daily basis, together with an amazing team.

A lot of people were hungry before the Covid-19 pandemic even started. These ladies are true front-line hero’s, helping their communities long before the rest of us noticed. – Rachel Kolisi

As the Kolisi Foundation we are looking for ways to make food more sustainable, and are always open to partner with other organizations that might have solved this already. It is only by working together that we can achieve great things.

“Hopefully, whatever we do right now, is to be able to look after people, I hope this carries on. It doesn’t stop. We’ll make sure,” Siya Kolisi

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Photo Credit – Adrian Steirn