Kolisi Foundation turns Three in 2023


In April this year, The Kolisi Foundation reflected on the month the Foundation celebrated three years of existence. “To see what the Foundation has become in its first three years of life is just unbelievable” – Rachel Kolisi.

With hearts willing to respond, hands ready to serve, and heads prepared to learn, the Kolisi Foundation team is committed to the vision of changing stories of inequality. The Foundation wishes to express sincere gratitude to every individual and organisation who is proudly and passionately a part of the Kolisi Foundation Community. Remember the One, One by One is the heart of the Foundation. CEO and Co-founder Rachel Kolisi summarises the essence behind the motto so truthfully: “Remember the one, one by one. Just focus on the one heart, the one person, and the one life that you are changing. That is more important than anything else. By remembering the one, one by one, we will impact the nation.”

Here’s to the journey ahead. Here’s to changing the stories of inequality to see thriving communities. #RememberTheOne #OnebyOne #KolisiFoundation #Turning3in2023