Kolisi Foundation – What’s in store for 2021?

Many ended last year with diminished and even muted festivities and began this year with mixed feelings of suspicion, grief and cautious hope. The socio-economic effects of the Covid-19 virus and the subsequent lockdowns continue to shine a spotlight on the already existing narratives and lived-realities of inequality in communities.  

The Kolisi Foundation was launched in April 2020, the period in which South Africa went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was established through Siya and Rachel’s desire to change the story of inequality in South Africa, responding with compassion and courage to the challenges faced by our nation even before the pandemic.

Initially, the Kolisi Foundation was merely focusing on immediate food relief in the form of food vouchers and -parcels. Due to various individuals losing their jobs during the lockdown period, providing a meal on the table was often a daunting and impossible task for many breadwinners. Therefore, together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Imbumba Foundation, the #Each1Feed1 initiative started. This initiative intended to support families for a minimum of 3 months with a monthly food parcel to combat food insecurity during this uncertain period. These food parcels are substantial enough to provide food support to a family for almost a month and include items such as 10kg maize meal, 10kg rice, sugar, tinned food items, fresh produce, cleaning products, masks and sanitary products.

Taking hands with various organisations, the Kolisi Foundation was able to distribute more than 32 800 food parcels and 1 300 grocery vouchers in 2020. We will continue to provide food support to various communities in need within 2021, but to focus on establishing sustainable practices and allocating resources effectively.

Within this new year, we expanded our focus areas beyond mere emergency food support and shaped our mission around the following three programmatic areas: Food Security, Gender-Based Violence, and Education and Sports Development.

Click HERE to visit our website to read more about our programme focus areas.

We seek to support people living in under-resourced communities in South Africa, by providing resources, facilitating capacity-building and horizontal learning exchanges, and mobilising and advocating for systemic change.

We will do this by:

  • Mobilising resources to meet opportunities.
  • Connecting people and organizations.
  • Learning from and with others.
  • Amplifying the good work of individuals and organizations as they serve their communities.
  • Inspiring individuals, organisations and companies to get involved.

With hearts willing to respond, hands ready to serve, and heads ready to learn, the Kolisi Foundation team is committed to the vision of changing narratives of inequality in South Africa.

Watch our 2020 Reflection, 2021 Vision clip HERE


Photo Credit – Black Bean Productions