Power2You Packs – Exact Clothing to match donations for August

We are committed to serving and listening alongside those who have been doing incredible work addressing Gender-based Violence (GBV) in South Africa. We listened to women’s rights practitioners involved in the gender-based violence sphere to see what we could do practically to support women. The most common response from survivors of gender-based violence was, “I wish I were able to protect myself at that time at least.”

With the help of trusted NPOs and community organisations, we were able to source and compile our Power2You Packs in August 2020 to give to women in a bid to put power into their hands. The Power2You Packs consists of pepper-spray, a whistle, an emergency number wallet-size card, and a journal with resourceful information about seeking justice, legal help, and healing.

Ever since the Power2You resource tool was developed in August 2020, we have:

1.      Resourced 20 NPO’s on the ground with these packs.

2.      Distributed 9000 Power2You Packs.

3.      Reached four provinces.

You can help us reach more women by sponsoring a Power2You Pack to an NPO for only R55. During August, Exact Clothing has come on board and are matching every Power2You Pack donation.*

To donate a Power2You Pack, click HERE

Click HERE to watch our Power2You clip.

Photo Credit – Joanne Markland & Black Bean Productions