Remember the one, remember Bryan Diamond

After the Voice of the Cape radio station first brought attention to the story of Bryan Diamond, there was a massive outcry on social media by South Africans who want to help. Having seen these pleas for help on our social media channels, the Kolisi Foundation was made aware of Bryan’s story.

Given three days to live

Bryan was only three years old when he was caught in the crossfire of gang warfare in 2006. The bullet ripped through his brain, leaving him brain damaged and bound to a wheelchair. Having been put on life support and given only three days to live, Bryan defied the odds when he gained consciousness as the doctors were preparing to turn off his machine.

Now 17 years old, Bryan‘s survival is nothing short of a miracle. He has since outgrown his specialised wheelchair and is currently bedridden. Bryan’s mother Ronell was also shot during the incident and has mobility issues as a result of her injury. It has been a challenging and difficult journey for Bryan’s family who still lives in the same house where the incident took place in Heinz Park 14 years ago.

A long journey of hope and healing

We as a foundation wanted to assist this family and ease their burden in any way possible. Driven by our slogan “Remember the one” and impacting South Africans, “one by one”, we wanted to help in a way that has a lasting impact. We partnered with THMS Projects and various funders, and have been working hard to improve the Diamond family’s living conditions.

We were able to provide them with a newly renovated home that would make caring for Bryan easier. Some of the improvements were replacing the roof, installing a ceiling, waterproofing the external walls, building a bathroom and kitchen, creating partitions for Ronel and the boys to have separate rooms, building bunk beds for the boys, supplying miscellaneous kitchenware, and providing new mattresses for the beds.

Thank you to THMS Projects for your assistance with this project and Verimark South Africa for providing appliances for their home.

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Photo Credit – Gary van Wyk,  Black Bean Productions