Women’s Month = Audit August

In 2020 we committed to August being our Audit month at the Kolisi Foundation: a time for us to reflect on what we have done and how we will continue to advocate for safer and better spaces for our women in South Africa.

“[August] should be a time for us to reflect on what we have done during the whole year to make life better for people in South Africa. To listen and to educate ourselves, to come up with solutions…All the work that we do in this month should be happening every single month because Gender-based Violence doesn’t only happen in a certain month. It’s an every-day fight.” – Siya Kolisi

There’s more than meets the eye when we consider the ripple effect of Gender-based Violence (GBV) on women and communities. When a woman tries to leave her perpetrator, she has to consider access to food, employment opportunities, housing alternatives, mental health impact and, often, how to care for her children through the transition.

We identified four piercing areas during the past year to invest resources and time, addressing gaps within the GBV sphere:

  1. Resourcing communities with information and tools on GBV support.
  2. Trauma support for GBV survivors and people who work in this space.
  3. The importance of bringing boys and men into the conversation.
  4. Acknowledging and addressing the impact of food insecurity on mothers, especially those exposed to domestic violence.

Follow our journey on our social channels this month as we highlight each of these areas and how we are continuing to learn from the expertise of organisations in the GBV space through collaborative efforts. We know that they have been “around the block” and have a wealth of knowledge within the field.

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Photo Credit – Joanne Markland & Black Bean Productions