Women’s Month – Gender-Based Violence (GBV) under the magnifying glass

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a profound and widespread problem in South Africa, impacting almost every aspect of life. GBV (which disproportionately affects women and girls) is systemic and deeply entrenched in institutions, cultures and traditions in South Africa.

As a foundation, we are committed to serving and listening alongside those who have been doing incredible work in changing our nation. During this Women’s Month, we decided to find out from women’s rights practitioners involved in gender-based violence work about what we could do to practically resource women in need at this time. The most common response from survivors of gender-based violence was “I wish I was able to at least protect myself at that time” Their stories and desires for agency and power in their own hands is a piercing indictment of the reality that women in South Africa, women anywhere, as well as a moment for men all over the nation to consider and reimagine a world where women don’t have to weaponize themselves to survive another day.

With the help of trusted NPO’s and community organisations, we were able to source and compile our POWER2YOU Pack to give to women in a bid to put power into their hands. It consists of a pepper-spray, whistle, and journal with resourceful information about seeking justice, legal help, and healing.

Conceptualizing this POWER2YOU Pack meant there has to be a complementary call to action for men to listen, learn, engage and act towards ending GBV because the responsibility of women’s safety is on the collective effort of men unlearning the ideas which lead to practices and value systems that make the world safe for women. Watch this space for some enlightening and deeply engaging conversations we will be hosting as a foundation to highlight the key issues and opportunities for reflection and change in the next month.

For this reason, we are thrilled as a foundation, to resource the POWER2YOU Pack to NPO’s that are involved in Gender-Based Violence prevention and care work. As we put these Power Packs into the hands of women we hope that they could walk into the world with confidence that they can protect themselves, we trust that communities in corporate, residential and urban spaces would respond and help women in need of their help and voice, and lastly for men in all spheres of life, ethnicity, and class to take on the task of turning the narrative of inevitable violence against women around one act of solidarity and action-oriented listening at a time!

Sponsor a POWER2YOU Pack:

A POWER2YOU Pack cost R45 – R50 to compile. If you are an individual or organisation and would like to sponsor one or a number of these packs to an NPO, kindly send an email to info@kolisifoundation.org

To download the information of the Journal click HERE

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